Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A215 Poem

Based on the theme of brutality.


Being so scared you can barely breathe,
Running and hiding, no one would believe.
Unknown to my family, I could never tell.
Talking in riddles when my body hurt like hell.
Accidents is what they were,
Love was why it was given.
Inside I believed I didn’t care,
Too many feelings hidden
You didn’t break me in the end, but you’ll never be forgiven.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Erm haven't thought of a name for it :0S

They say it’s about money, yet “ ‘fessionals bin charged”
They say it is the coloured from  ”The Croydon Posse...  Large”
I say this is all bollocks, they’ve got fuck all else to do
“Hell, let’s burn down Currys as we can’t go to the zoo!”

“I’ve heard they’ll put us in a cell, and we’ll play all the games we want!
We’ll sit an’ watch the telly, an’ tell the wardens they’re a CUNT!
Some say we’ll go to Butlins, but I’ve me heart set on Corfu
So lets stick it to ‘em proper and I get my dream come true!”

“Let’s go raid Selfridge’s!!!! I couldn’t afford the dress on sale!!!!
I asked my parents for sum cash, it was a TOTAL fail!!!”
“We canst get a education, so well take this big TVeeeeeee
Then well blame it on the polish, coz they took the jobs from mee”

Such a mix of voices, all fighting for one cause
To fill their every selfish need, fighting for peer applause.  
Parents where are your children? Did they get lost along the line?
Have you given up on them or do you just not have the time?